Scottsburg needs crosswalks

By Baylee Comer

As a runner, one of my biggest fears is to cross a street, cars zooming past without a care of whether they could hit you or not. These roads are busy intersections and highly-trafficked roads, like Highway 31 and Route 56. These are the very same roads that intersect through Scottsburg. Without crosswalks and buttons, being safe while just crossing a busy road is almost impossible.

SHS sits on Highway 31, and just walking across the street is a feat. Most mornings, there is a police officer outside to help with traffic, and there is a person there to direct cars in the afternoon. Just last year two students were involved in accidents while crossing the street. But when there isn’t an officer to help you cross the street, it can be dangerous. In some instances, I just take a chance when I cross the street.

I believe there should be crosswalks in Scottsburg at some of the major intersections like Highway 31 and Route 56, as well as at the high school. These are some of the places that I feel would be the most beneficial to having a crosswalk. I think that having these would make Scottsburg safer for pedestrians.

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