The Masked Singer Review

By Jillian Smith

The Masked Singer is a new Fox network elimination show. Every Wednesday night, a panel of celebrity judges try and guess what other celebrity is singing under a head-to-toe costume.

While the judges are given clues about the masked singer, the audience gets to vote and choose their favorite performance. Whichever celebrity gets the least amount of votes has to take off his or her mask and reveal their identity, which usually leaves the judges shocked.

Some are obviously trained singers while others are not. So far the costumes are amazing and the suspense is riveting. Although the original premise of the show seemed ridiculous, and it has proven to be very entertaining.

Though, as a teen viewer, finding out who is under the mask is not that exciting. They are not very well known people, like old football players and not well known comedians. Still, you get anxiety when you see who gets voted off.

The panel has celebrity judges, such as Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke, who keep the show interesting. They are just as shocked as the audience when the singer pulls his or her masks off.

The show is overall a great concept, but I would like to see more famous celebrities. There are only put out three episodes so far, but they get more exciting every time.

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