Part 2 of high school sweethearts: their advice to you

By Savannah Baird

Two years, five months, five years. Whether they know it or not when they met, teens fall in love every day. The most common fear for a high school relationship where they really love each other is that they will break up, more often than not they will, but some have a real shot.

Alivia Lytle and Kyle Allman are one example of a couple built to last. Lytle and Allman will be together for five years in March. The two met at a SHS basketball game when Lytle was in the seventh grade and Allman was a freshman at SHS. Lytle stated that the hardest part about being in a high school relationship is planning for the future, however, if couples communicate everything can be much easier.

“The most important things in a relationship is to never let the dates and fun things end. Go out to the movies every once in a while or go out to dinner or write the person a note on why you love them. It’s a nice feeling knowing that someone cares and how they show they care,” said Lytle.

“Eli and I really just clicked in a way that I’ve never had with anyone else,” said Abby Banet (12) when asked about her relationship with sophomore Eli Crawford.

Banet and Crawford have been together for almost two years now and met at the fair. How they met might not have been ideal. However, it brought them to where they are now.

“My brother was with a group of friends and I randomly got paired up with Eli to ride a Ferris wheel. The second we stepped off, he threw up. Thankfully he was nice enough to hold it in throughout the ride,” said Banet.

Banet stated that she believes younger relationships do not work out because everything is rushed. As a lot of people say, Banet says that dating your best friend is the best way to ensure a long lasting relationship because you know them, and you know that you enjoy their company.

Another thing that teenage couples find to be important for a long lasting relationship is to be comfortable around them and have a lot of laughs.

“I knew I loved Landon after I realized I could tell him everything. Also after we went on a few dates, all we did was laugh, and I genuinely had a great time. I just knew I loved him and wanted to be with him,” said Kynleigh Watson (11).

Though Watson and her boyfriend Landon Campbell have only been dating for five months, they have never had a “huge” fight and are confident in their ability to talk that they would be fine.

Katie Brown (11) and Ethan Davidson (11) have built their relationship on trust, which they find to be the most important part of a long lasting relationship. Trust is important for them because of their after school responsibilities. This makes it difficult for them to find time for one another but they trust each other enough that they can manage it.  

People tend to believe that teenagers see dating as more of a sport, or something to pass the time.

“I think they get ahead of themselves with relationships. And they just get into a relationship for the fun of it, and to be able to say ‘omg I have girlfriend/boyfriend’. I think they don’t really pay attention to what actually matters,” said Brown.

However, a lot of teenagers are just looking for someone to spend time with and to be themselves with. Brown, is one of those who hopes to make a relationship that lasts past high school.

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