Kentucky Kingdom’s new rollercoaster

By Hunter Barrett

In 2019, Kentucky Kingdom will unveil their sixth roller coaster, Kentucky Flyer, just in time for the park’s 30th anniversary. Kentucky Flyer is a family wooden roller coaster built by the Gravity Group. The Gravity Group has built many roller coasters, like the Voyage at Holiday World.  

Kentucky Flyer isn’t as tall as many of the other coasters at Kentucky Kingdom like Storm Chaser, T3 or Lightning Run, however the park promises that it will pack a punch. Kentucky Flyer will reach heights of around 50 feet, have a 53 degree drop, 54 degree banking turns and many air time moments.

Kentucky Flyer fills a gap in the park’s coaster line up. The new coaster will allow children 40 inches or taller to ride, if they are accompanied by an adult. The bigger coasters at the park have a height requirement of 48 to 54 inches.

On Feb. 11, the park gave me a behind the scenes tour of construction on the new coaster and it looks awesome. The structure of the coaster is what the park calls a powder coated white color, and it will pop against the skyline and surrounding attractions. The coaster really stands out and runs along side the wave pool, behind the Skycatcher swing ride.

Kentucky Kingdom opens to the public on Sunday, April 28 and will provide more rides than ever before. Tickets can be purchased now for $39.95 per person, but will go up to $49.95 per person on May 20. Parking is $10 per car. Kentucky Kingdom is located at 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, Kentucky.

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