Review of Cher: Here We Go Again Tour

By Hunter Barrett

On Valentine’s Day I traveled up to Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana with my mom to watch Cher’s farewell tour, “Cher: Here We Go Again.” I believe the tour’s name is supposed to be ironic because she said that her last world tour would be her last, but she is on the road again, as she says this will really be the last time.

I’ll be the first to say, I hope that when I’m nearly 73 years old I can move with the same ability that Cher can.

Parking was pretty difficult and expensive. Eventually, we decided to park at Circle Centre Mall and walk a few blocks to the venue. Parking ended up costing $14, which is better than the $30 other places were asking. As we walked up to the venue, it was packed. I noticed almost immediately that I was probably the only person under the age of 50 within eye shot, besides my mom. This didn’t really shock me though because of Cher’s age and popularity throughout the world.

Once we found our seats, we waited for about an hour for the opening act. Nile Rogers and Chic opened. I had no idea who the man was or who the band with him was, although he said he wrote songs with Lady Gaga and Pharrell Williams. The opening act was rather boring, but it was better than not having one.

After about another half hour, we could see Cher walk from behind the stage and behind the screen. While she was walking that way, she turned around and waved to my section. Once Cher was out of sight, the lights turned off and a huge purple screen at the front of the stage with “Cher” written across it turned black and Cher’s vocals started playing in the background while a video with multiple recaps of her career played on the screen. After about two minutes of the video, the screen dropped and Cher lowered from the ceiling in a throne singing her popular song, “Woman’s World.”

After Cher performed two songs, she talked to the crowd for about 20 minutes and she told us some funny stories that happened throughout her career.

Throughout the show she rode a huge mechanical elephant across the stage, had acrobats fly across the stage and she had multiple outfit changes. Some of her outfit choices were surprising and revealing, but at her age she pulled it off well.

If I hadn’t known that she was 72, I would have thought that Cher was in her late 30s, she’s in that good of shape. She even told the crowd that she did a five minute plank the other day.

The show seemed rather short compared to other shows I’ve seen and she closed out with her most popular songs like “Believe” and “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

The tickets were about $80 a piece, and it was well worth it. I would tell everyone to go see her if they get the chance, but she doesn’t ever plan to tour again, sadly. I can easily say that even at her age, Cher is a true powerhouse and an inspiration to all.

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