The journey of life without a phone

By Riya Bhula

Six months without a phone. You’re probably wondering what that must feel like. What it might feel like to be completely detached from your friends, social life and the world in general. Instead of it turning out to be torturous, it happened to open my eyes to the world. I spent six months without a phone. Growing up in a world full of technology, I was always used to using some type of device to entertain myself, and when I didn’t have my phone anymore, my life began to get harder.

I spent the first couple of days mad since I had no one to talk to anymore and nothing to do all the time. I then started to be more active in my school work and doing better on it since I had nothing else to throw my time into. I found that not having a phone gave me time to focus on school and try to do my best on everything. I started doing assignments weeks in advance so I didn’t stress about it, and it was honestly so good for me.

Living without a phone made me look out into the world and see things I’ve never paid attention to. As an example, I had to sit in cars and not listen to music, but look out the window. I also found myself with more self-love; not having a phone was better for my mental health. I didn’t have any desires to become someone else, to be with anyone or do something to make me seem cooler. I didn’t need to do anything like that to make me feel happy. I was happy just with myself. I no longer felt like I needed to be accepted by the people around me. I felt good not wearing makeup all the time. I wore whatever I wanted because I didn’t feel like I needed to dress up, and I felt happy not caring what people thought of me.

When I used to have a phone, I always worried about everything concerning my appearance, telling myself that I was horribly ugly, lazy and things like that. Without my phone, I had time to myself and time to get to know me. I didn’t interact with people outside of school, but now, I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I loved my experience of going without a phone. It honestly made me a better person. I didn’t talk to toxic people anymore because I didn’t have to. I didn’t do bad things to myself because I didn’t want to hurt my body. I loved being more involved in school work and working to change myself for the better.

Living without a phone came with so many benefits to me, but the only problem was that I couldn’t contact people like my parents or friends when I left the house. People would always question why I didn’t have a phone and why I got it taken away and would always say that they couldn’t believe I’d even lived without a phone. It honestly wasn’t hard going without a phone because I didn’t want to turn the experience against me and suffer. I found the good sides of not having a phone. I would honestly recommend going without a phone to everyone. It just helps you mentally a lot. It doesn’t matter how long you go without a phone, but I just think, the longer the better. Going on your phone from time to time is okay, but spending all day on it is so unhealthy because you set your expectations based on the unrealistic things that you see on social media. Taking time off from your phone will help you not compare yourself to others and lead you to a happier life. 

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