Perfect online may not mean perfect offline

By Jillian Smith

You are always told not to believe what you see and read on the internet, whether it be from politics to random facts. In the case of romantic relationships, should you believe that a couple’s fairy tale pictures and posts are real? Is everything sunshine and rainbows behind the phone?

Living in a world where our social media accounts can be the first and last things we see throughout the day, it can be hard for some people not to post their daily activities. It is nature for teens in this generation to make an effort to stay connected with the world.

While scrolling through Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat you might come across a happy, loving couple. Since most teens see their significant other daily, they feel like they need to show off their “cute” relationship online all the time. They see their relationship as something to be proud of, and they want their followers to see that.

While the posts can make single people jealous or make other couples try to strive to be like them, what really goes on behind the millions of heart emojis? Have you ever seen a couple who portray themselves as perfect fighting in the hallways? Have you ever seen one of the partners sorrowfully crying over the other? This shows that relationships online are not the same as offline.

Of course couples are not going to post their insecurities of the relationship and arguments online. It is easy to compare yourself to others’ relationships and begin to feel unsure about your own. Being in a romantic relationship is more intricate than a daily post about how much you love your significant other.

Keeping your relationship more private and knowing not to compare yourself to others’ social media posts can help maintain happiness. You do not have to update your followers on what is going on in your relationship. Although it is your choice, you don’t need to prove your love to anyone online. Prove it in person to your partner.

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