A money saving app for college students

By Alivia Lytle

UNiDAYS is an app that allows students who are in college, or take college classes, to get discounted items from some places.

Through this app, you can find discounts at nearby fast food places or even stores such as American Eagle. That makeup from MAC you bought last week for a high price could have been lowered 10 percent if you just had downloaded UNiDAYS.

“I think college students should have a cheaper way because college is super expensive, so I am glad there is an app that kids can get discounts and make life a little bit more affordable,” said Carson Evans (12).

Most people do not know about the discounts that could be offered just because they are a college student or student taking college classes. When you download the app, you will have to create an account and fill out some information. Within the app, you can see all of the stores that have discounted prices for students that are not shown on their actual website.

If you are interested in a great deal and are taking college classes, make sure to download UniDays to get your items at a discounted price.

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