TikTok becomes popular amongst students

By Jordyn Livesay and Jillian Smith

What was once an app for lip syncing called Musical.ly, turned into TikTok. It has the same concept, but users are now using it to make various types of videos. These can range from the traditional lip syncing to music, dancing, duets, cute animals or anything you could imagine. While these kinds of videos are easy to make fun of, they are actually super fun to watch and make. Many people think the app is just for young kids like pre-teens, but the majority of “TikTokers” are high school age.

SHS students who use tik toks see the app as a joke and just make the videos for fun.

“I kinda make TikToks as a joke so I don’t really mind if people make fun of me for it,” said Chloe Helton (11).

There are plenty of social media apps where expressing your creative side is acceptable, but TikTok has opened up to a new variety of people. The former lip-syncing videos have taken a more creative turn.

“I had Musical.ly when I was younger and I made videos on there, but I like TikTok better. It appeals to a lot more teenagers and has better quality content,” said Lily Walsh (9).

The app Vine, made in 2012, was a short-form video app. Even though you cannot purchase the app anymore, the videos are still very popular. The question that has been floating around the internet “Is Tiktok the new Vine?”

“No, Tiktok will never amount to Vine,” said Morgan Newman (10). She has had both apps, and feels that Vine will always be the superior app.

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