The celebration of Holi

By Riya Bhula

Celebrated mostly in India, Holi is a Hindu spring festival. This festival is often celebrated in multiple colleges around the world, too. It’s known as the festival of colors and love that celebrate the victory of good over evil. 

People throw water colors and powders onto others with loud music playing. The colors are made from flowers and trees which had no chemicals in them, but over time, there have been chemicals added to these colors. People also play games with their family and friends and run from others who have color in their hands trying not to get it onto them. 

According to, an ancient king in India was like a demon. His younger brother was killed by a god, and the king wanted revenge. To gain power, he prayed for years and years until he was granted a boon. After having his wish granted, the king started acting as a God and asked for his people to worship him like one. The king’s song kept worshipping Lord Vishnu and not his father, so the King killed his own son. The king told his sister to sit on fire with his son so they could burn him. The sister was immune to fire so she knew that she wouldn’t get burned. The son kept reciting Lord Vishnu’s name while sitting on the fire. The king’s sister got burned alive, but the son was still alive. Holika is the king’s sister’s name, and her death signifies the burning of all evil for Holi. Lord Vishnu then killed the king after attempting to kill his son. 

Holi is often celebrated for the ending of winter. 

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