Student athletes serve on advisory council

By Jordyn Livesay

A new program has started at SHS called the SAAC, or the Student Athletic Advisory Council. Through SAAC, student athletes will work together to improve parent meetings, NCAA informative meetings, possibly attend IHSAA SAAC workshops, work on ways to better serve athletes, review handbook policies, contribute ideas such as the 2nd moratorium week in the summer and find ways to promote our athletic programs.

According to Athletic Director Jamie Lowry, the school tried to get this club started two years ago, but it was hard to get everything done that needed to be.

“I got this program going with the help of Maxine Rembusch, athletic administrative assistant, assisting me with coordinating meetings and such,” said Lowry.

Students will be able to qualify for this as soon as they enter their sophomore year. The SAAC is a very select group of athletes. One boy and one girl from the sophomore, junior and senior class will be the advisory committee. In addition to the six-person committee, three students who get the most votes will be able to be at large members.

To apply for SAAC, students are required to have a 3.0 GPA and no discipline infractions. Meetings will be held once a month. Members must attend seven of the nine meetings. Meetings aim to start after spring break.

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