Cheatham’s new Maranatha club

By Jaiden Herald

Coach Donna Cheatham has recently started a new Maranatha club for SHS students. Meetings are held every week during advisory on Tuesday and Thursday.

According to Cheatham, the purpose of the club it to provide an open forum for students to ask questions and hold discussions amongst their peers that is faith based. Cheatham would like students to bring their ideas and questions to meetings so the group can discuss and research.

“I want to get kids to think in a different way and see life in a new way. It is completely open. Students can discuss anything. We want to steer the conversation back to biblical means but it is wide open for all avenues of questions,” said Cheatham.

The club is student led and will have no set rules. Students are encouraged to come and go as they please. The club is open to any student and will be held every advisory period.

“Maranatha club is a fun way to come together and grow in our faith in God,” said Jaylah Mays (11).

The name Maranatha comes from the Arabic language meaning “Jesus is coming back”, according to Cheatham.

“The club gives students a chance to build their faith and their connection with God in school without a set plan. It’s open communication. It is an open forum for students to talk and ask questions,” said Macy Funk (11).

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