French and Spanish teachers offer future summer adventure

By Savannah Baird

For those students who are willing to work, save money and give up things that they do not need, there will be two travel opportunities in the summer of 2020. New Tech French teacher Ondra Couch and High Schools that Work Spanish teacher Lana Coverdale will both be hosting a trip two summers from now. Couch will be going to South Africa and Coverdale will be taking her students to Belize. Each trip will be in the beginning of June.

The trip to Belize will be a seven day adventure with Coverdale to a Spanish speaking destination where students can see Mayan ruins and more. Coverdale sees the trip as a learning experience that will be filled with activities.

“It’s not just a learning experience, but more active and we will being doing stuff everyday,” said Coverdale.

She listed cave tubing, ziplining and snorkeling as a few of the highlighted activities of the trip. Students will also visit a local school and zoo.

So far there are four students enrolled and the trip needs to have at least 10. Coverdale will be traveling through EF Tours where they make safety a commitment. This trip will cost roughly $3,000, however, the later students enroll the higher the cost will get. The deadline for sign up is April of 2020 and travelers will leave for their adventure in the second week of June 2020.

Though Coverdale has already had a meeting, she is planning on hosting another one the first week of April, which will be right after spring break. Students can visit Coverdale in room 130 at the High Schools that Work building or visit the tour page at the EF Tours site for more information about the trip to Belize.

Though Couch’s adventure will be a whole new experience for everyone, she is very enthusiastic about going somewhere different. Even though this trip will contain no French culture, Couch thought this would be a good trip to offer to students outside of just her French class.

“I heard about the trip three years ago and kept praying about it. It just kept coming back so I wanted to offer a once in a lifetime trip to everyone, not just French students,” said Couch.

When people hear of the trip being to South Africa the first thing that comes to their minds are the safety issues and possible diseases. However, Couch has traveled with EF Tours before and vouches for their safety consideration. Students will not need Malaria shots for the trip either because the part of South Africa that they will be going to is safe.

Prior to the trip, travelers will study about Apartheid, the racial issues in South Africa, which will give students a prior education of the culture.

Couch highlighted that the trip will include a visit to Cape Town, and African preschool with a music lesson, and a view of penguins.

“Yes penguins”, said Couch.

The trip to South Africa will cost about $5,445 with a payment plan of $383 monthly. Students can visit Couch in room 201 at New Tech, visit the EF Tours site and look up the tour with code: 2151916DC and click review tour, or they can click the link.

“I know that this is a costly trip, but I feel it is a once in a lifetime adventure. If a student were willing to work hard, and give up all the things that they want, not need, they would realize the sacrifice is worth making,” said Couch as a final thought.

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