Science Olympiad places 4th

By Jillian Smith

Science Olympiad, a mind challenging club, competed on March 2 at Ivy Tech in West Lafayette. Faced with 23 different events, the team placed 4th out of 5 teams. The team had 10 members medal with several students placing in 2nd place.

The students started to prepare on their own for a month before the competition. When it gets later into the season, the team meets and starts collaborating together. Asking questions, building different items, and having your coaches there for help made their team even more successful.

Isaac Johanningsmeier (10) said, “We did not start as early as we wanted, and we only had two weeks to prepare. Personally, I felt I did well, but we didn’t meet our expectations.”

At the competition, there are 23 different tests or challenges that students are faced with. In groups of two to three, you and your team are given a task to complete. Based on your performance you get a score. Scottsburg, being a smaller team, had multiple students that had to participate in up to five events.

“The competition flowed well. We had some events that we did well in. We had some events that we swung and missed. A part of our success would be starting earlier and having the right kids. Having them more academically engaged will lead to more success,” said Coach Jason Cox.

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