Bass fishing team plans to begin season

By Elle Fleenor

The bass fishing team is finally ready to start their season participating in tournaments after many preparations. According to coach Bill Buckner, the team of 15 members spent their off season fundraising.

“The team and amazing booster club has been doing a lot of setting up fundraisers through the year. We were able to order our jerseys and have them just in time for our first tournament. We did get a deal with Shady Ray Sunglasses so all anglers will also get a free pair of very cool polarized shades. We will also be supporting the Indiana Bass Federation tournaments to raise money for our club,” said Buckner.

With all of the gear purchased and fundraising completed, Buckner looks at what his expectations are for the team. He said that he wants to have at least one team qualify for the state championship.

The team will participate in their first tournament of the season on April 13 at Lake Monroe in Bloomington.

“I’m excited because it’s the first tourney Scottsburg will fish in this year and I can’t wait to be a part of it. I hope to place in at least the top 10 but would prefer to win,” said Jacob Perkinson (11).

“My goal is to win and catch a decent sized fish which is about 6 pounds,” said Alex Brown (11).

Buckner said that he is appreciative and proud of all the support the bass fishing team has received over the course of its existence.

“I’m most proud of this amazing community and how much support the team has been given from parents, local businesses, and of course the school,” said Buckner.

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