Update on car hits New Tech classroom

By Savannah Baird

After meeting with the structural engineer on Monday, April 29 Marc Slaton reveals that the plan is undetermined as how to fix the damages. Until the engineer releases his concerns and the extent of the damage to the building the school will remain to avoid the room.

“In the next day or two, he will release an opinion to us about the wall, the building, and necessary repairs he sees.  At that point, we are going to have a contractor provide us an estimate of the needed repairs,” said Slaton.

Slaton hopes that the construction to repair the damage will be done in within a couple of months.

As of late the New Tech building has be reopened to its students with the exception of Madame Couch’s room. To avoid overcrowding at the main building the administrators moved up the annual New Tech community service day to Tuesday, April 30, from the original date in May.

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