Competition in the classroom can affect students’ success

Who doesn’t love a good game of some friendly competition? While some students use competition in the classroom as a motivation to excel in their work, others see it as a negative aspect. 

Competition can be seen everywhere throughout the modern world, from college acceptance to commercial success regarding the business world. Competitiveness in the classroom can seemingly prepare students for the dog-eat-dog world they will be thrown into after high school graduation. Not only can competition prepare students for what lies in the future, but it can also motivate them to participate in assignments, tests and classroom discussions to their full potential. 

While competition could lead to potential success in students, competition could also lead to negative affects on the students’ mental health. If a classroom is solely competition based and a student is faced with constant losses, his or her self-esteem could take a drastic turn. 

Depending on the individual, competition can either act as a motivator or a deterrent. In today’s society, we are constantly faced with competition. How a student deals with said competition will determine their success.

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