Football team begins season with a win

The football team officially kicked off their season last Friday with a win over the Clarksville Generals. The team finished the first quarter of the game leading Clarksville by one with the score of seven to six. In the second quarter, the Warriors fell behind as they did not score any points while the Generals scored eight. According to Coach Steve Deaton, Javis Roush (10) had a fourth down completion to Brantley Deaton (12) for a 35 yard touchdown tying the score 14-14. Clarksville then scored another touchdown ending the third quarter six points ahead of the Warriors at 14-20. Catching up, the Warriors scored another seven points in the fourth quarter winning the game 21-20.

Brantley said, “At the beginning of the game, we knew we were going to win. We started out by shutting them down, going three and driving it down the field to score a touchdown to put us up. Then they made a bit of a run and got ahead in the first half.”

According to Traven Crawford (10), the team came out strong, but then started to fall apart.

“People started to argue and get mad at each other. As we went into the locker room for the half, we talked and fixed some of the things. We came out in the second half and beat them. I feel that everyone really stepped up in the second half. We came together as a team and really finished tough,” he said. 

According to Brantley, the team knew they were going to win.

“We knew that we were the better team and that we should win that game,” Brantley said.

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