Mental health days would help relieve some of teens’ difficulties at school

Whenever we are born we are given a role in life. Thereafter, we attend school and experience our first taste of being human: studying for a test, impressing your crush, joining an  extracurricular activity or sports. However, as soon as we hit middle school or high school, our brains take on issues that affect how we see life or ourselves, known as mental health

Mental health can be the thing that “motivates” personality, morale and productivity, but it can also cause our failure in life, especially school. In this situation, mental health can be the thing that controls how we perform in class and how we communicate. So the question is… “Why has nobody brought up this dilemma until just recently?”

Students should get a day off for mental health purposes. Teens would have a more successful, productive day upon returning the following day; additionally, this allows better management on studying, projects and etc. without the hassle of classes and upcoming due dates. 

On the other hand, mental health can also decrease student productivity. For example, depression can affect a teen by changing sleeping patterns, which can cause students’ attention spans to diminish. In the article Association of Children’s Mental Health (ACMH) named “Problems at School”, it states that that mental health and disorders are two out of the five issues. “One of the problems that families frequently run into is getting the school to recognize the role of mental health disorders in relationship to the difficulty their child is having” (Health). Moreover, the article states that “a variety of types of support” will be required for the child’s success. 

A article titled “Suicide among teens and young adults reaches highest level since 2000” by Gretchen Frazee and Patty G. Morales stated that there was a 47% increase in teen suicides age between 15 to 19 since 2017. Moreover, teens should be instructed on how to recognize signs of suicide, decreasing the percent of high school deaths. Teens should also get the opportunity to reflect on social interactions with peers, to develop appropriate ways to communicate and to help others cope. Days off for mental health would provide students to calm down and leave all of the drama, pressure, and stress behind and lose tension.

People speculate that students would take advantage of this opportunity. As a solution, mental health days should be limited to two for each student. He or she will be excused for the entire day if the student has a doctors note. As a result, it will increase student performance by allowing time for studying and work, and decrease the percent of suicide in youth.

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