Active Advisory provides a way for students to be active in school

Active Advisory is a group of different activities set up in the gym during advisory, so students who are not in clubs can do something other than sit. There are no requirements to join Active Adivsory. The advisor of this club, or group of activities, is Jennifer Morris, and her five original students: Emily Belden (11), Johnathon Perkinson (10), Ethan Harrison (11), Morgan Fields (10) and Sydney Mosley (10).       

“During Active Advisory, if you have nothing else to do, you can come to the gym and be active with different fun games, have a healthy snack, listen to music and hang out with your friends all while doing the activities,” Morris said. 

Morris took some of her students last year to a competition where they had to present different ideas, and this is where they got a grant from AdCap Challenge.  AdCap Challenge is a competition set up for students to face real world challenges.  

Belden says, “I went with a group of people to an AdCap Challenge and we were to come up with different stages of a solution to help bring healthier foods or drinks into schools and some sort of physical activity to our schools. Ethan Harrison and I won one of the grants and so did Jonathon Perkison. After we got back to the school, we sat down together and came up with a club that will help benefit students with a free healthy snacks and games for them to play.”

Adcap Challenge is the company that helped in the process of making Active Advisory possible. 

Active Advisory had its first official day on Tuesday, Sept 10. The following meetings will be held on Oct. 1, 8 and 29. 

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