Colts’ mascot spreads message about love and kindness

Blue makes a grand entrance by running in and high-fiving the students sitting on the gym floor. (Photo by Baylee Comer)

Some people look at Blue, the Indianapolis Colts’ mascot, and they just see a guy in a silly costume dancing around to energize the crowd. However, some people see someone that will hug them when they desperately need it and listen when they need to get something off their chest. They see Blue as a person that they can confide in; someone that they can speak to about the things they can’t share with anyone else.

On Tuesday, Oct. 1, Trey Mock came to Scottsburg High School to deliver the same message he delivers to students across the state. Of course, his identity wasn’t known at first. When he entered the gym, he was concealed in his Blue outfit. He was in character as Blue running in and high-fiving the line of people on the floor. Then, he took off the costume and started speaking. His message was all about being kind and spreading love to all people. He shared his past personal experiences as Blue and how they helped him to realize what he was missing in his life. 

Blue pulls the same dance moves from a highlight video about the Colts’ mascot. He danced around and interacted with the crowd of students and received many laughs and cheers in return. (Photo by Baylee Comer)

“…Through Blue, I learned an important message in 2010. I wish so badly that I had learned it earlier in my life, especially in high school. I would’ve done things so much differently and helped people. I just would like to get through to high schoolers and help spread that message, so maybe I can positively impact their lives and that person can go positively impact somebody else’s lives,” Mock said.

During his speech, he said he visits different high schools and middle schools throughout Indiana to spread the message. Mock and his team visit about 20 high schools and 20 middle schools each year. 

Trey Mock performs an experiment to highlight the effects that kindness and love can have on somebody’s life. The murky water represents bad things in life, and the clear liquid that Mock is pouring in represents kindness and love. (Photo by Baylee Comer)

“We really want this message to reach every nook and cranny of the state. I know it’s the Indianapolis Colts, but we want to be a program of the entire state and beyond. So, we will spread this message as far and as wide as we possibly can,” Mock said. 

The main goal of his message was to let people know that they do have a story no matter their origins or current situations. He said kindness is extremely important in our world today. He then performed an experiment to show what simple acts of kindness can do for people. 

After Mock poured the “kindness” and “love” into the dark liquid, it turned clear again. This exemplifies just how much of an impact that being kind can have on bettering someone’s life. (Photo by Baylee Comer)

“…High schoolers and middle schoolers represent our future. They’re our youth, our young leaders that are going to eventually be the leaders of the world. I think it’s an important message to try to teach and make sure that they know how important it is to love. So, hopefully when they become leaders in the community and our country that this world can be a better place,” Mock said.  

After the assembly was over, many students stayed after to thank Mock for coming or to share their personal story with him. 

“I loved the message. Personally, I think it was one of the best assemblies that we’ve had at the high school, maybe even at the middle school too. His message was so inspiring, and it just kind of put things into perspective for me,” Mella Neace (10) said.

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