Opportunities for scholarships and financial aide are now open

College is expensive, and multiple organizations have methods of relieving the financial burden. College Board’s Opportunity Scholarships provide a simple way for this year’s seniors to become eligible for scholarship money. 

All that is needed to do is complete tasks to be entered into a monthly drawing. Drawings are held on the first day of each month, and the winners will be notified via email. 

The class of 2021 will be able to participate next year. Participants do not have to complete every single step, but will be entered into a drawing for the ones that are completed.

  1. Create a college list ($500): Create a CollegeBoard account if one does not exist already. Next, add colleges to a college list using either College Board’s college search or custom filters for specific colleges already in mind. Complete this step to earn one entry in the monthly drawing.
  2. Practice for the SAT ($1,000): Practice for the SAT on Khan Academy for at least six hours to complete this step. For each additional practiced, participants will receive one extra entry into the monthly drawing.
  3. Improve SAT score ($2,000): Practice on Khan Academy for 12 additional hours and improve the score on the SAT by at least 100 points to complete this step. If the previous SAT score was high enough that it cannot improve by 100 points, then that will be taken into consideration.
  4. Edit college list ($500): Update the college list to have at least three reach schools, two match schools and one  safety school. These are defined based off SAT or ACT scores. A reach school is a college that has a higher average ACT/SAT score than the one received, a match school is a college where ACT/SAT scores are within the average range, and a safety school is a college where scores are higher than the average.
  5. Complete the FAFSA ($1,000): For this step, fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Confirm the submission on College Board. The FAFSA opened on Oct 2019 and will remain open until June 30, 2020.
  6. Apply to colleges ($1,000): All that is required for this step is applying to at least two colleges and confirm the applications on College Board.
  7. Complete all prior steps ($40,000): If all six steps are completed, students will be entered into a drawing to win $40,000. This scholarship will be awarded in Feb. 2020.

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