Seniors finish volleyball season with bittersweet feelings

The senior members of the girls volleyball team were recognized at Senior Night on Oct 11. From left to right are Chloe Helton, Hannah Brown, Elle Fleenor and Macy Funk, who is not in this photo (Photo by Hailey Christoff)

Seniors Hannah Brown, Macy Funk, Elle Fleenor and manager Chloe Helton concluded their high school volleyball career on Oct. 11 at senior night, which was held at McClain Hall. 

“Being my senior season, I have had a roller coaster of emotions. The hardest thing for me is knowing that I won’t be able to play with my team ever again in just two short weeks,” said Brown. 

The seniors were honored in between the JV and varsity games against Jeffersonville.

“This season I have felt many different emotions. It was really hard to realize that in just a couple weeks I will no longer be able to play with my teammates,” said Funk. 

Senior Elle Fleenor high fives her teammates. (Photo by Hailey Christoff).

Varsity lost to 1-3 in four matches, while jv lost 0-2. 

“Being a senior is bittersweet. I hate to see this sport come to an end for me, but I’m beyond excited to move on with life and see what’s ahead for me,” said Fleenor. 

“We will miss our graduating seniors very much next year. There will be three big holes to fill in our varsity roster. I wish these girls the best of luck as they continue their academic careers the rest of the year and into the future,” said Coach Alex Johnson. 

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