Self defense classes could increase student safety

By regulation, schools undergo procedures to preserve student security during school hours and the occasional sports games, pep rallies and general assemblies. Obviously there are the random fire, tornado and earthquake drills that interrupt class, but has anybody considered the danger of school violence? Why do schools not prepare students from future violence? How can we stop this?

Students should receive sessions on how to defend themselves against school related violence. This would allow students the opportunity of learning basic hand-to-hand combat. For the past decade, this generation has endured the torment of children and teenagers being physically bullied without any knowledge of prevention.

Another example on why this argument is a valid one is due to the increase of school shootings. More than a decade this country has witnessed the massacre of hundreds of innocent youths, who were unable to do anything. And yes, a gun will always beat fists, but there’s always a chance that an individual will use his/her knowledge to his/her advantage.

However, people and several schools condemn self-defense, some assuming or even convinced that fighting back generates more violence. Ironically, students are told that school is treated as a harmless, healthy environment. As a solution, there should be be after school programs that will initially start off with basic defense techniques. Additionally, this would be furthered on into instruction during college, continuing the protection of youths when they graduate and become adults. This allows youths to learn how to deal with future altercations as an adult whenever they are on their own.

Self-defense is a legal justification during times of danger. So why do schools prohibit this? This subject should be seen as a right, not a privilege, especially for the safety of our children.

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