Age should not concern energy drink use

Energy drinks have been a big topic when it comes to who should and should not drink them. Some drink companies, such as Bang, have advertised on the side that these drinks should be drank by people 18 or older. However, is there a limit for when is too young to start drinking these hardcore energy drinks? 

There should not be any age limit put on what people can and cannot drink. I believe most people try and categorize who should and should not; however, how can we categorize an age group into who can and can not drink something that has different benefits and effects for different people, when a 12-year-old can be just as or even healthier than a 20 year old? When I first read up on this topic, I immediately said a certain age group and was set and stone. Then, I started reading the different people who drink these drinks and reading up on health problems, and I came to the conclusion that this drink can be just as good or just as bad for different people ranging from very young ages and very old ages. While things like alcohol have a certain age that people can drink it, energy drinks have yet to be placed in a certain age group. If people in higher power, like the government, have not glanced twice at the age groups drinking these drinks, why should others care? 

Many argue about whether energy drinks are really good for people or not. I have come to the conclusion that even if they are not exactly good for your health, they do display many benefits. A major benefit I have heard and personally experienced is the benefit of gaining energy. Personally, I have downed some energy drinks just to stay awake to finish a paper for class before midnight or to stay awake in school. When you walk up to the counter at a gas station, displayed right beside you are the “5 Hour Energy Boosters.” These drinks wake you up, they make you feel… more alive. According to ‘caffeineinformer,’ not only do they just give you a little bit of energy, they give you adrenaline, a sense of erratic state. During this adrenaline rush, you feel a boost needed, essential. The adrenaline gives you motivation. Another important benefit is for people with ADHD. Sugary drinks can actually have the opposite effect on them. It can help people with ADHD to calm down. While there are so many benefits to be displayed; should we be concerned about the effects? 

While any age is seen as decently adequate to drink these drinks, moderation of consumption is needed. It is very essential to know what you can handle and what fits your different needs. For example, people with heart problems probably should not drink as many drinks as a healthy teen should. It’s perfectly fine to have an energy drink once a month. It’s not alright to drink three in a day. While you may need the extra boost in your day, you do not need the extra problems it will cause in your life later. Even after having a couple energy drinks, your body will continue to buzz around until it just runs out of juice. This may be a good thing, until your heart feels like it is going to explode out your chest. A study shows that energy drinks may impair blood vessel function, causing more heart problems in teens today. Now, whether deciding if the risks are worth it are up to you. 

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