Community still bonds over rivalry games years later

The lights are bright, the gym is packed and the competition is heavy. The whole gym roars with cheers, but the most powerful cheers come from the two cheer blocks. They go back and forth, yelling and chanting for the respective teams, competing to see which school can be the loudest. To them, this is quite possibly the most important game of the season. 

“As a Warriorette during my era, it was the best crowd you were going to have all season which obviously hyped it up. As an adult, you have perspective, but at that time that’s your rival and you had to win,” said Tiffany Copple, a former Warriorette and Scott 2 employee. 

The Scottsburg/Austin rivalry has been around for generations. Each year, right before Thanksgiving, students pile into either Scottsburg or Austin’s gym and cheer on their team. One can feel the fun, competitive atmosphere the minute they walk in the doors. 

“Back when I played, the Austin/Scottsburg game was always one that everyone looked forward to. It did not matter if the game was at Austin or Scottsburg, you knew the gym was going to be packed full of fans and was going to be loud,” said Chris Owens, a former SHS basketball player.

Even though everyone loves the rivalry between Austin and Scottsburg and the competition it brings, the rivalry is an opportunity to bring the community closer together. 

“I enjoy rivalry games due to the amount of crowd participation and how they bring our community together,” Hannah Brown (12) said.

The games allow students to show their school spirit and compete in a fun, friendly environment. Even years ago, the players enjoyed the community aspect of the rivalry game. 

“It was always fun because we were playing against kids that we saw all the time, we were friends with them and whoever won was going to remind the losing team about it all year long,” Owens said. 

The games encourage a sense of community and friendship among the Scottsburg and Austin students. Of course, each school always wants to beat the other. However, in the end, we are able to come together when it matters. 

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