Prom necessities offered through Blessings for Prom

With prom in just two months, girls will soon try to find the appropriate attire for the occasion. However, with the average cost of a prom dress being between $100 to $600, finding a cheap choice can be difficult.

The question is how students will afford the necessities, especially when on a budget.

Mandy Peterson has the solution: Blessings for Prom.

“I first got involved when [Peterson] contacted me about her idea over four years ago,” Jennifer Craig said. Craig thought it was a phenomenal idea.

For five years, Peterson has given high school students the privilege of affording a prom dress in honor of her grandmother, Dottie Shellhammer. Shellhammer was well-known at Austin High School for being a caregiver for her students.

“I wanted to do this to continue her legacy,” Peterson said.

Students can get involved by following the Blessings for Prom Facebook page. There, information on future meetings and how to join is posted. Additionally, they share valuable information regarding confidentiality.

“This year’s volunteer list is full but we could always use help with donations,” Craig said. Originally, they had local businesses donate cosmetics, gift cards and hair products.

Blessings for Prom will be on Feb. 8 at the Scottsburg High School’s McClain Hall. Students from all over southern Indiana can attend.

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