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February is the month of hearts–metaphorically and even physically. The American Heart Association has deemed February as Heart Health month, and here at The Booster, we have a few tips to tackling heart health this month:


  • Adults need at least 30 minutes of exercise for five days per week. Any exercise can count, from running to taking your dog for a walk. Any kind of physical exercise to get your heart rate up will work, even TikTok dances would be exercise!


  • Unplug electronics and take a minute to breathe once a day. Stress can heavily affect not only your heart, but your health as a whole as well. Breathing exercises, as well as yoga, would be good exercises to de-stress.


  • Eating habits are important throughout life, but there are some tips for dieting healthily. Try to cut salt out of the food you eat. Sodium can increase blood pressure, so the American Heart Association limits it to 1,500 milligrams a day. Challenge yourself to eat more grains, like whole-wheat, in your diet, as well as more produce.

Check out our February issue for more content on heart health.

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