Arbuckle’s Advice: March Madness predictions

As March approaches, people begin filling out their brackets in preparation for March Madness. Many of these brackets are filled out during school or work, and most of the time is used to earn prizes for the best and most accurate brackets.  

There are people that fill out the brackets for fun and normally do not take it as seriously as others. Some people fill out the bracket in different and odd ways, such as filling out the bracket based on the mascots of the team or team logos.

A good way to fill out brackets is to look at the teams seeded position, ranking, or their win-to-loss ratio. For example, San Diego State, with a record of 24-0, is a better team to have to go further in the tournaments than Indiana with a win to loss ratio of 15-8. Other teams, such as Kansas, who are seeded better than the other teams, also have a greater chance of being tournament champions, but after the Kansas and Kansas State brawl, the outcome for Kansas seems dim. 

Gonzaga has a likely chance to become tournament champions. Gonzaga has a win-to-loss ratio of  25-1 and is ranked second behind Kansas but first in the West Coast. Kansas is still a potential threat to Gonzaga, but Kansas has a win-to-loss ratio of 21-3, so it is most likely that Gonzaga will beat Kansas. 

The final four teams to compete in March Madness are most likely Kansas, Gonzaga, Duke and San Diego State. Although March Madness does not start until March 15, those filling out brackets should be looking and keeping up with the team rankings and win-to-loss ratios to help make a more accurate and correct bracket.

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