Get to know Mrs. Becker’s class


Cameron is a senior, so he will be aging out of the class soon. He loves to sing; some of his favorite songs to sing are Country Girl by Luke Bryan and songs by Kenny Chesney. He has a great sense of humor, and he also has really good knock-knock jokes.


Luke is on the archery team. In fact, it is one of his biggest passions. He loves to get 10’s. Luke also loves to play video games. He likes action filled games, like Super Mario. 


Shawn is super smart. The rest of the class call him the ‘human calculator’ because he is able to do all kinds of math in his head. They have tried to get him to use a calculator, but he refuses. Shawn was non-verbal when he started with Becker, but now he loves to tell jokes and make people happy. He is also involved with special olympics.

Matthew L.

Matthew is super smart, and has an awesome sense of humor. He loves graphic novels, Star Wars, the dark ages, and mythology. He also loves to play video games. He prefers action filled games like Super Mario.

Matthew M.

Matthew is new from the middle school this year. He loves to sing, and he is very flirtatious. The staff often has to tell him that they “don’t fall for pretty boys.” He is obsessed with computers and is very good with them.


Desiree is a part of special olympics, bowling, basketball, track and field, and the recycling team. Her specialty on the recycling team is bottles. She loves to dance and sing. She has an amazing voice and was even in choir.


Kacey loves to sing, especially songs from “Schoolhouse Rock!” She is part of the recycling team, as well. Her speciality on the recycling team is bottles. She also loves to drink slushies.


Dylan’s a big flirt when it comes to the ladies. In fact, he loves to sing “All the Single Ladies” by Beyoncé. He is most famously known for partaking in wrestling and football. What people do not really get to see is how much leadership he held in the classroom. He also helps out significantly in the cafeteria.


One of Hannah’s biggest accomplishments is her speaking. She started out as non-verbal, but she’s now starting to speak. One of the ways she likes to show-off her speaking skills is by grabbing the microphone for karaoke. She loves to hear herself through the mic.


Kayla started as non-verbal, but now she just does not stop talking (ask Mrs. Becker). She loves to sing, but she has to work hard to earn a song. She’s not afraid to bust into a song at any given time. She also loves to watch Vampirina. 


Bradley has an internship at Ponderosa. During his job he washes dishes, takes out the trash, and sometimes cooks. He is an amazing cook, and his specialties are steak and banana pudding. His biggest accomplishment would have to be reading. He started out as a non-reader, but now he’s great at it. 


Branden likes listening to music and telling jokes. He loves to tease his friends and make sure they feel better if they’re sad. He is working very hard on his speech, and he is very proud of his morning work. He is part of the special olympic team and he loves to bowl.


Tj takes part in the Special Olympics. He loves to bowl and walk. He also participates in helping with the recycling team. TJ is very smart. He loves to work on his N2Y. He loves to race with his friends completing word searches. TJ loves Captain America, Spongebob and his pet Cinnamon.

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