Arbuckle’s Advice | Multi-sport athletes learn life skills

The majority of students at SHS are involved in an after-school sport or a sport provided by a foreign program, but some students have trouble deciding on whether or not to play multiple sports during the school year.

Sports are a good way to help athletes be active and give them experience with leadership skill, as well as other beneficial skills, but taking on too many sports during the school year could be overwhelming for some. Athletes must also go to school, but sports and school are not accommodative with other outside activities, such as a student’s social life or job outside of school.

There is nothing wrong with being involved with multiple sports, but prioritizing what is important in an student-athlete’s school and extracurricular career is important.

A multi-sport athlete can still be productive inside and outside of school and his or her sports, but a mixture of homework, working and practice can be a lot for a student. A student involved with multiple sports can become stressed.

Singular sport athletes, on the other hand, do not face the same struggle as a multi-sport athlete because they obviously do not have as many obligations after school taking up their time. Singular sport athletes do not also have the advantage of extra practice or the ability to show a college, for example, the different and numerous activities they were apart of.

There are no definite advantages and disadvantages of being a multi-sport or singular sport athlete besides a student-athlete’s ability to manage time and their schedule to fit other activities into schedules. The preference on whether or not to be involved in more than one sport can only be judged upon a student-athlete’s schedule inside and outside of school.

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