Changes affect team as a whole

Considering it is the second year for the boys volleyball team, expectations still run high while the team grows.

With the season coming close, practices have already started during early March in McClain Hall. On the other hand, with the team only having a little more than 10 players, having a stressed out season is what the team sees.

“With it being the second year, tensions still run high especially for the under classmates. But I’m still looking forward to the challenge of having a new team,” Brantley Deaton (12) said.
As for challenges, Andrew Slaton (12) said having a small number of players will make the experience difficult.

“With having only a dozen boys playing last year, you had to shrug off being tired,” Slaton said. “At matches there were only about two to three people on the bench, so being out of breath was normal for us.”

Slaton is hoping that underclassmen will take up the torch and keep the sport going.

For competition, however, going against teams with a larger amount of players was problematic for some of the players.

“Teams that have more people to tag stresses us out since they have more energy at the end of the match,” Deaton said.

Initially when the sport started, people were skeptical that anyone would join until the team became official.

“When the school told [students] that they were actually starting a boys team, I honestly thought they were joking,” Carter Brown (10) said. He had assumed that volleyball was only provided for girls.

With a team of little more than 10 players, it seemed impossible to some. But that did not stop people.

“Joining a new team forces you to be determined and focused, especially competing against teams with more experience behind their back,” Nicholas Sebastiao (12) said.

As the year ends, they have to let go of another team mostly made of seniors. However, the team still hopes for another wave of students to participate.

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