SHS administration proposes improvements for school

During the Feb. 11 school board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Marc Slaton presented the facility projects that each district school’s principals outlined as a priority for the Capital Planning and Facilities budget. Among the projects presented were the proposed improvements for SHS.

“Basically, we went to the school board to let them know our wish list for the year, “ Principal Chris Routt said.

According to Routt, the “big ticket items” they proposed are the replacement of all the bleachers in McClain Hall in June and a new digital sign for the front of SHS.

“Basically we get a set amount of money for improvements on the property,” Routt said.

Other improvements proposed include the remodeling of a room in McClain Hall into a girls volleyball locker room, the painting of the junior and senior hallways and the remodeling of the guidance department.

“We get to improve a few things each year on the existing property,” Assistant Principal Jeff Cox said.

Routt said the principals have been making a list of possible improvements throughout the year.

“We can’t do everything in one year. Long term, you have to think about stuff, but also [think about] what can we do in the short term. The balance is there isn’t a lot of money,” Routt said.

In addition, the district would also like to implement improvements at SHS including concrete repair work, classroom expansion, and interior lighting upgrades.

A motion was carried during the school board meeting for principals to start the process of addressing their priority items by getting quotes.

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