SHS Theatre prepares production set for April

The SHS Theatre will bring the Broadway version of the Disney classic, “The Little Mermaid,” in April to the McClain Hall Stage. This year, the SHS Theatre cast and crew members work to turn the fairytale into a magical show with the help of the SHS Robotics Club.

But with the play being a musical based on a fantasy, making the set an enchanting spectacle becomes more of a challenge in physical resources, creativity, and imagination.

“Each year we try to have a show that is bigger than anything or anyone that we’ve done before,” said Logan Weilbaker (11), student director. For the past few years, the cast and directors have tried to step up their game: adding music, dance, variety of costumes and props, elaborate sets and technology.

“It makes it a lot harder, but a lot more fun and rewarding,” Weilbaker said.
As for the set, Jacob Graham (10) and the Robotics Club are helping with the magic.

“We are teaming up with the Drama Club to make the boat remote control,” Graham said, describing the “Kiss the Girl” scene.

During the beginning process, the boat would have been pushed around by the tech crew, but the Robotics Club is hoping for a better way of maneuvering.
For costume designs, no costume is going to be more elaborate than the sea witch, Ursula’s. Avery Kendall (11), who plays the villain, said that it could be outrageously extravagant.

“From Ursula’s ‘femme fatale’ clothing style and attitude to the many, many tentacles that have to find their way onto the costume somehow, it’ll be difficult not to make it huge and extravagant,” Kendall said. Playing Ursula makes the experience fun for her — Kendall compares her attitude to Ursula’s bold behavior, stating that they are quite similar.

However, as for spreading the word, the SHS Theatre has posted invitations asking for elementary and middle school students to participate in the play as dancers.

“The directors are really pushing for every resource we have to make ‘The Little Mermaid’ more unique,” Kendall said.

Additionally, SHS Theatre obtained a grant from Samtec Cares, which the directors applied for last fall. The club received a $12,500 grant that allowed the theatre to purchase a variety of new lights for the stage.

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