Team predicts improved season

Baseball is coming in fast, and with the help of new players, the team is suspecting a great outcome for the season. Corey Ashby (9), Jacob Martin (9), Dawson Mata (9), Kaden Raichel (9), Nate Montgomery (9) and Jordan Lyons (10) are the new additions to the team.

Cole Atha (11) not only talks about the good, new players coming in, but his predictions for the outcome of the season.

“A prediction for this season is that we are going to beat some bigger teams that we fell to last year,” Atha said.

While some of the players may be new to the team, they all share a common goal — to win sectionals. Cody Carter (10) shared his determination to win.

“With one of our goals being to win sectionals, we not only work hard, but we play hard,” Carter said.

With new players comes new tasks to overcome. Blake Drury (11) said the team’s newness also becomes a challenge.

“Our biggest obstacle is working together because a lot of us are fairly new to each other,” Drury said.

Though many players feel as though coming together will be an obstacle, Atha has high hopes that they will push through for the season.

“[I] predict that we are going to make a push in sectionals and also in conference,” Atha said.

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