Trimester schedule system would improve SHS

Many schools in the United States follow the semester system where 180 school days (some school days differ depending on the state) are split into two 15-week semesters. Schools require students to take courses each semester, and for some students, some courses differ each semester. On the other hand, trimesters are three, 12-week sessions.

Trimesters would be beneficial for students who would want to take different courses for each session. Trimesters may be shorter, but the same amount of teaching could possibly be fit into these 12 week-long intervals.

Days off and if students will be receiving the same duration of receiving educational material seem to deter schools from having the trimester system. But, with trimesters students have an advantage to receiving more credits for school. If a student took 12-week classes, they would have two more 12-week sessions to take another class to earn credits.

The idea of trimester could also give students much needed change. Instead of sitting in a class for two semesters, they can take the class for two sessions while having another session to take another class they may be more interested in.

The trimester system may seem like a way for schools to cram curriculum into 12 rushed weeks, but this is simply not the case. With the trimester system, students will be able to take full advantage of the class they are currently in while having the opportunity to take more much needed and career-based classes. The trimester system seems more beneficial to students and their futures.

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