Does quarantine help or hinder the nation?

John Hopkins University has recently announced that nearly 80,000 cases of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been confirmed in the United States. The total amount of deaths has increased to 1,124 fatalities. 

With quarantine becoming a major approach to society’s well-being, a number of individuals consider the practice will either benefit or hinder the nation. As of 2019, countries across the globe are quarantining due to the large-scale outbreak of the coronavirus, sheltering the public from infected patients.

But with more cases being confirmed despite the extreme course of actions by states and hospitals, the community is concerned whether quarantine serves well.

Although modern technology and medicine were nonexistent, ancient civilizations endured plagues with the assistance of quarantine. Factually the concept modernized while the Bubonic Plague expanded throughout Europe during the 14th century. 

Initially, the procedure was only used whenever an individual was presumably contagious until health authorities determined it as a compulsory action.

However the public may disagree, quarantine provides an exceptional amount of protection for the economy. By preserving health by isolating contagious individuals, a community can be reassured that hospitals will perform extended procedures to safeguard hundreds to thousands of people. 

Furthermore, due to the virus being deadly, quarantine would be more suitable since isolation only separates sick and healthy patients without the restriction of movement. A quarantine prohibits contagious individuals from being near anyone except health authorities. The concept also represents a professional attitude towards the virus.

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