Utilities suspend service disconnection to help citizens during pandemic

As a record 3.3 million Americans file for unemployment benefits as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts the national economy, one financial worry many Scott County utility customers will not face: utility service disconnection for nonpayment during the global pandemic.

On March 19, the City of Scottsburg suspended utility disconnections for nonpayment until further notice and will not assess late fees on bills for the month of April, according to a press release from the city.

“We understand this crisis is impacting the community heavily and are looking to ease the burden,” the City of Scottsburg press release said.

Clark County REMC also suspended all disconnects for its members who have difficulty paying their bills during the global pandemic, the utility company said in a press release on March 17. Additionally, Clark County REMC waives new late fees during this time until further notice. Clark County REMC customers can call (800) 462-6988 with questions or concerns.

“We are stronger together, and we are at our best when we look out for those in need,” the Clark County REMC press release said.

Duke Energy choose to waive all late payment fees, fees for returned checks, and fees for credit and debit card payments for residential customers starting on March 21. The company suspended disconnections for nonpayment on March 19.

If customers are struggling with utility payments, one can call Ohio Valley Opportunities at (800) 928-1232 or the Scott County Clearinghouse at (812) 752-0123 for additional assistance.

If anyone has any questions regarding this or any of their payments they are asked to contact the City of Scottsburg Utilities at (812) 752-4343. 

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