Scott 2 Prosser students push beyond pandemic to pursue dreams

Although the Prosser Career Education Center is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has not stopped students from trying to succeed in the careers they wish to pursue. 

Automotive Tech student, Emily Belden (11) and Culinary Arts student Katey Emly (11) said their Prosser classes were moved to online where they have virtual meetings and assignments.

“Overall, I like what we are doing but I would rather be at Prosser, with my class, learning more within the class by classwork or shop rather than doing it all online,” Belden(11) said. 

Although classes were moved online, Emly (11) said for her culinary arts class, the students are required to go out and try to get job shadowing experiences. 

“I am a Culinary AM Prosser student, and we are currently taking tests, writing assignments, typically essays, quizzes, and job shadowing, which consists of chefs, executive chef, line cook, hostess or host, cashier and dishwasher. This can be at any restaurant or fast food place. I have to then explain what I did and what kind of jobs I participated in while job shadowing,” Emly (11) said. 

According to the Prosser Education Center Facebook page, Prosser students will begin their new school year in the classroom on July 29. 

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