Seniors recall their highs and lows during time at SHS

Senior Katelynn Langley remembers the good times she had in her last year at SHS.
Senior Kelsi Holbrook recalls the letdowns of her high school career.
Senior Tanner Visetchaisri tells about his bad experience with a printer.

With another group of seniors graduating in June, the class of 2020 reflects over this past year’s positives and negatives despite being in the second month of quarantine.

At one moment, senior Tanner Visetchaisri had quite a run-in with a printer.

“I haven’t had any bad experiences,” Visetchaisri said, “but I remember I spent about 30 minutes trying to get this printer to work.” 

He joked at how it made him extremely upset.

On the contrary, a nonfunctioning printer was not even close to how sad senior Kelsi Holbrook felt when her teacher left.

“[My worst] memories include the JAG instructor leaving and hearing that I wouldn’t get to walk or attend prom,” Holbrook said. 

A number of students said they were upset about the cancellation of prom and missing out on having a traditional graduation ceremony due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

For senior Kate Langley, bad memories were nonexistent this year. Along with Visetchaisri, her favorite memories include participating in the theatre productions, especially Disney’s The Little Mermaid, which was supposed to take place right after spring break.

“It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with everybody,” Langley said.

She said it was fun for her to hang out with her friends and teachers.

However, with college classes starting in a couple of months, Langley and Visetchaisri hope for a fun and unstressful freshman year.

“I hope that my freshman year in college is sort of relaxed and gives me time to get used to the new lifestyle I’ll be living when the year starts off,” Visetchaisri said.

Although Holbrook has chosen to defer attending her college classes, she hopes for a year full of nice weather and lots of iced coffee.

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