Cheer team learns new routine virtually

The football cheerleading team had to learn some new tricks this year, but not in the way of stunting but in the way of using technology and meeting virtually through the tryout process and practices.

”Personally, I had mixed emotions on tryouts. I’ve always liked the adrenaline of an ‘one and done’ scenario, [but] with virtual tryouts, I was able to attempt as many times as I pleased. I feel it made it more difficult because submitting the videos and looking right was just more difficult than showing up! I still liked it though,” senior Morgan Newman said.

 Sophomores Breana McCowan and Bryanne Paris said the issue with virtual tryouts was not solely the look of the video, but the lack of high-speed bandwidth throughout the county. Some students had to use their phones to create their tryout videos, propping them up to however they could.

“Tryouts weren’t that bad; it was just odd being virtual,” sophomore Breana McCowan said. “I think it was difficult because I was learning over the phone. Going virtual didn’t make it harder for decision making.” 

“The tryouts were very different this year due to COVID. We had to do tryouts virtually which was difficult for some people because of the internet and wifi reasons. It was difficult in some ways but not others,” sophomore Bryanne Paris said.

Along with virtual tryouts, the cheer practice went digital or kept socially distanced to help keep players safe. The safety precautions have put a dent into the season but that still has not stopped them from having fun and cheering the Warriors on at the games.  

“It was difficult putting together stunts and working on tumbling because we had to stay six feet apart. However, we have pulled together as a team pretty well. I think going virtual made it much harder on the coaches and athletes because we had to watch videos to learn our tryout dances/cheers and the coaches had to listen more to our voices than our motions because some videos may lag so it would make it very hard on the coaches,” Paris said.

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