Life of a player: struggles of playing sports during pandemic

All athletes have had to adapt to a new set of guidelines this year due to COVID-19. Masks are an essential part of everyday life now, but how does that affect athletes? 

       “COVID has affected our whole running season by limiting the number of spectators watching at each meet,” junior Kelsey Merry, a cross-country team member, said.

       Athletes try to work with what they have and make due with all the adjustments. While trying to still have a good season, Kelsey is not letting any of that get in the way of her goal being for her team to qualify for regionals and for her team to achieve their personal bests at sectionals. 

       Thinking about it one year ago, athletes did not expect to have to go through any of the things that they have had to go through this year. COVID-19 has delayed everyone’s season this year. They have had to start months later than they typically did in past years.

       “My season has been going decently so far; the weather has been very hot this season which has affected my times,” Merry said.

Meets and practices have changed as well.

       During cross-country meets, all the girls and guys (at different times) are in one big crowd ready to start their run. They wear a mask all the way up until that point and once the race officially starts, the student-athletes can take their masks off. When they have finished running, they have to put their masks back on and keep it on unless running. 

       When they are practicing, student-athletes have to have their mask on too unless running. They socially distance any time they can. 

       To continue to play, student-athletes continue to take the precautions that they have received from the school, health department, and state.

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