Volleyball team creates bond to keep season successful

With three seniors at the helm, creating a sisterhood bond between new and veteran volleyball players has become the key component to keeping this season successful. But with a new group of freshmen starting their high school volleyball career, seniors and juniors try to teach the underclassmen the ins and outs of the game at the high school level.

As upperclassmen, seniors and juniors have a major influence over the sophomores and incoming freshmen.

“As a [senior], the main expectations for me as a player is to eventually and successfully help my team lead to winning sectionals,” said senior Juliet Banks, who plays defensive specialist for the varsity team. 

While the entire team works during practices on perfecting fundamentals and improving skills for game play, the team makes a concerted effort on improving teamwork on the sidelines. With about 10 freshmen players this year, the team attempts to keep up their attitudes and responsibilities.

“Coming into high school, I had no clue what I had in store for me, as the years went on, us seniors definitely have gotten better, but this year is the year that we push to our fullest potentials,” Banks said. 

Although she played all three years of middle school volleyball, Banks said that being in a different school brought different expectations.

“Upperclassmen have a very important leadership position on a team. When the upperclassmen aren’t involved or having a good attitude, it affects the energy of the team as a whole,” said junior Emma Vernon, who plays opposite hitter on the varsity team.

Although the team has finished 17 matches with a record of 9-6, players still wonder about what is ahead, especially in regards to the match against the Warriorettes’ main rival, the Austin Eagles.

“Austin hasn’t been the strongest in the past few years, and it’s usually a pretty easy game” said senior Lyla Waskom, who plays defensive specialist for the varsity team. “However, we don’t know what to expect this year. Games against Austin are usually fun, but the team always observes the competition, so they’ll do better next time. Being a senior, I have high expectations for this season. I feel like everyone came back a lot better, and I think we could have a great season.”

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