Masks muffle class communication

Wearing a mask can make it hard for students and teachers to communicate with each other — whether it be, talking, teaching, or helping a student out.

Social distancing can be hard especially if a student wants to talk to their friend, but they cannot because they have to socially distance if they do not wear a mask. Some people talk quietly in general, and with a mask on, it makes it more difficult to understand and hear them.

During class when students can talk quietly, it is really hard to hear others. Friends and classmates cannot hear each other, which makes it really hard to communicate, especially during group activities.

Wearing a mask can be distracting when a student’s mask does not fit properly or if the student has asthma or any other health problems.

Many students in classes sit six feet apart at one table, so students have to project their voices when working together in groups. Then, when every student projects, it makes the classroom noisy, making hearing one another more difficult than before without the masks.

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