Students need to ride together

Students should have the option to ride with other students to after school sports and clubs. When you see two or more students in a car on their way to a practice or a game you might think to yourself, “That is a safety hazard,” or “They are putting everyone at risk,” but for some students that is the only way to their events. 

Some students do not have the option to drive themselves or have a family member drive them around. In most sports that Scottsburg offers, the participants make contact with one another regardless, so a restriction on students being in the same vehicle should not be necessary. 

Some students, including myself, have had difficult times figuring out how he or she will go to and from their after school events. By restricting the option for students to ride with one another, some students will have no option and remain stranded at school until a family member can arrive. Restrictions on carpooling may also make it harder for students to socialize and make connections that could help them progress and grow throughout the rest of their lives.

If there must be restrictions on students riding together, then the same rules should apply for bus rides. It is impossible for students to socially distance themselves in any vehicle, including a school bus packed full of people, but wearing a mask allows some protection for students. Therefore, students should be able to ride together in cars just as they can on the bus to and from school and to and from sporting events.

Overall, students riding together to and from school-related activities provides an efficient way for them to get to their destination. As long as they are following the safety precautions set out by the health department and state law, students should be allowed to ride together in cars.

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