College season sees COVID-19 delays; SHS alumni manage freshmen year

Not only does COVID-19 affect how high school student-athletes perform on the field, but the pandemic continues to affect the graduating Class of 2020, who entered college this fall for their first season as college athletes.

Class of 2020 graduate Andrew Slaton, who now attends Anderson University to play football, watched last year as his spring sports season disappeared due to COVID-19. Five months later, he experienced the same loss this fall after Anderson University, like many other colleges, postponed his first college football season to the spring.

“Even though it sucks right now, I look at it as an advantage because I have months to prepare and workout with the college strength coach,” Slaton said.

Despite not starting the year as planned, Slaton remains positive. He said he was happy about being allowed to practice and build up his strength, so that in the spring, he will be much stronger and better prepared for this year’s football season. 

Another 2020 graduate, Jaylah Mays, attends Lincoln Memorial University while playing on the women’s basketball team. At LMU, Mays said basketball has not been postponed and continues on schedule. 

“As of right now, my season is still on. I’m really looking forward to competing at a higher level of competition as well as continuing to improve whilst playing the game I have always dedicated myself to,” Mays said. “I’m very thankful God blessed me with this opportunity.”

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