Glow up

Hallways‭, ‬bleachers show improvements

Changes‭:  ‬1‭.) ‬On the last day of being in the building on March 13‭, ‬students walked the dark hallways for the last time‭. ‬2‭.) ‬As the students were away‭, ‬the hallways underwent a new paint job to help brighten the space‭. ‬ “The hallways were not very inviting and really dull‭,‬”‭ ‬Principal Chris Routt said‭.‬ In the spring‭, ‬Routt made a plan to paint the hallways to make them more inviting‭.‬

While students were away for five months‭, ‬the custodial staff and other district staff members began to work on improving the hallways at SHS‭. ‬

Meanwhile‭, ‬the old wooden bleachers were replaced‭. ‬Routt said the new bleachers will benefit students and parents at games and‭ ‬events happening in McClain Hall‭. ‬The bleachers can move for multiple configurations‭, ‬allowing sporting‭, ‬arts‭, ‬and graduation events to have the setup they need that best suits the event’s needs‭. ‬With the renovation of the bleachers‭, ‬McClain Hall lost about 300‭ ‬seats and now seats 800‭ ‬people in the bleachers‭. ‬The‭ ‬bleacher replacement cost about‭ $‬125,000‭ ‬to complete‭.‬

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