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Bobby Ashley | JAG

Being a cross-country coach for many years has turned into becoming a teacher for Bobby Ashley. To Ashley, coaching and teaching go hand-in-hand. 

“Some people disagree with it, but it’s a lot of the same thing. You’re still wanting them to be the best that they can be,” Ashley said. 

Ashley is the new JAG teacher. JAG stands for Jobs for America’s Graduates, and the program helps students with the transition between school to a career. 

“The idea is to motivate and inspire young men and women to be the best they can be. Some may not think so much of themselves, but we show them they can be what they want to be,” Ashley said. 

In JAG, Ashley continues to live by the idea of motivation and inspiration. 

“We did a thing called Dress for Success last week. When the kids realize they did a good job, and you didn’t have to tell them, but then you tell them, ‘You did a nice job,’ and they sit down and realize, ‘I did what I’m supposed to.’ That’s a big deal,” Ashley said. 

Carrie Daniels | PE & Girls Basketball Coach

Scottsburg has always been home to Carrie Daniels. As a job position opened up at Scottsburg High School, so did opportunities for Daniels to move closer to her family. Daniels, a SHS Class of 1991 graduate, could not pass up the opening to become the new physical education teacher and girls varsity basketball coach.

“When the opening became available, I have to admit it was so appealing to be able to come back home, be around family, and come and try to impact the kids’ life with the same opportunities I had as a student,” Daniels said.

Remembering when she was a student herself, Daniels was always involved in sports, such as basketball and track, and a banner hangs in the stands near the track in her honor of her state championship win for long jump. After being a basketball coach for 25 years, Daniels decided to continue on the physical route of teaching. 

“I think it’s such a joy to see the students who don’t play sports just to be able for them to tell their getting more lean lifting weights and getting stronger. They set their goals and to see them accomplish that and make changes with their lifestyle is very rewarding,” Daniels said. 

Being a new teacher in the midst of a pandemic can be hard; however, Daniels has kept a positive attitude through it all. 

“I am just the type of person that instead of focusing on the negative parts of it; we have to make the most of it,” Daniels said. 

Victoria Hall | Band

Beginning one’s first year of teaching during a pandemic does not come with a textbook, training, or guide, and for the new assistant band director, Victoria Hall, she tries to keep a positive outlook on things.

“You prepare as much as you can for things like this, but everyday is something different,” Hall said. 

Playing instruments throughout middle school, high school and college, Hall’s love for music never died. 

Hall’s talents focus around brass instruments. Her main forte is bassoon; however, she played jazz trombone in college for three years. Hall has won two state marching band championships where she played baritone. 

She left her old Kentucky home to move to Indiana, which was a change for her.

“I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about Scottsburg. We have great people here. I have great students. I work with great staff. I don’t have anything bad to say about Scottsburg,” Hall said. 

Chancela Key| FACS

Transitioning from middle to high school was quite a change for Chancela Key. Key, a SHS graduate, taught sixth grade before switching to the high school.

“I think middle schools seem more skittish. They’re just going through understanding the transition from elementary to middle school where they’re getting more independence. High schoolers are already used to that flow of things,” Key said. 

When deciding on what course to teach, Key wanted to make an impact on students’ lives — more than what the four main courses could give.

“I really felt like I was missing a mark. I wanted to do something that matters right now. I prayed about it, and God opened the door for FACS. Which I feel like is life skills, something that’s important right now,” Key said.

Through life changing experiences and a rough past, inspiration came right from SHS itself when deciding on becoming a teacher. 

“I had a teacher that really made a difference in my life. It’s actually Mrs. Walton. She showed me I can be successful,” Key said.

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