PBIS moves to online orders

This year due to COVID-19 concerns, SHS made some changes to the PBIS Warrior booth system. According to Jennifer Morris, everything — except for pickup — will be done in an online Google form to help prevent lines from forming and contact of students. 

“Each week by Friday, students will complete the Google form to request their items in exchange for Warrior points.  On Wednesdays during their lunches, they will pick up their bags with their rewards at the old slushy shack table by the cafeteria lines,” Morris said. 

Like previous years, Morris’ entrepreneurship class will continue organizing the PBIS system and taking on the responsibility of making sure students receive the requested items. However, this year, the students have more tasks to perform in light of COVID-19 safety protocols. The students must review the Google form with everyone’s requests, review the amount of points the students have, and review what the student asked for and find out the item’s availability.

“…The entrepreneurship class, writes out on a sticky note the items requested by the students and puts them in individual bags; students check their amount of points in the HERO system, if they do not have enough points or the item they requested sold out, they will be contacted by email to notify the student. Entrepreneurship students will take out the points out of the Hero system, orders will be bagged up using gloves and with students wearing masks, and orders will be picked up during respective lunches on Wednesdays,” Morris said. 

If students are having issues with their Hero accounts, Morris encourages students to ask one of their teachers to see how many points they have available. 

Although the PBIS system is running slower now, Morris said with the new PBIS system, students will have a better variety of what they want, rather than running out all in one lunch period. Students can expect to get their requested items on Wednesday where the old slushy shack counter sits by the cafeteria lines. 

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