True colors

Students celebrate touchdowns with purple powder‭, ‬white shirts

Powder up‭:  ‬As part of the Friday night’s home football game‭, ‬students in the cheer block celebrate each touchdown with a purple powder explosion‭. ‬The Warriors won the‭ ‬game 23-14‭ ‬against the Charlestown Pirates‭. ‬The win marked the first win this season for the team‭.‬

When the game neared the end‭, ‬Cole Atha‭ (‬12‭) ‬and Treyton Owens‭ (‬12‭) ‬made use of the leftover powder with one big pour‭.‬

“I wanted it dumped on me because I wanted to be purple‭,‬”‭ ‬Owens said‭. ‬“I was planning it the whole night‭.‬”

Color powders have become popular after running events‭, ‬festivals‭, ‬and other celebrations have used the product‭.‬

After having a good portion of the 25‭ ‬pound box of purple powder poured on his head‭, ‬Owens turned purple‭.‬

“It took a few showers to get it out‭,‬”‭ ‬he said‭.‬

Last year‭, ‬the cheer block used a pink color powder during the Pink Out game‭.‬

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